Site of Carroll County's second permanent jail, now preserved as an "archaeological footprint." Was in use from ca. 1866 until replaced with new facility 1938 (stands nearby). Building was torn down in the early 1960s. This jail was in use at the time of the Carroll County Courthouse Courtroom Shooting in March 1912. At least three public hanging occurred. Jail was located within the original 1842 County Public Lot. Archaeological investigations uncovered the site in 2002 and the ruin was marked by its footprint (outline) with paving brick. Portion of wall within a parking island has been rebuilt. Location now known as "Jail House Square" where outdoor stage hosts outdoor concerts and other events. Interpretive signage will be installed in future. Site part of downtown walking tour - visit Carroll County Historical Museum for details.

Owners:  Scott Catron, Lesley Catron, Chris Dehart, Jock Songer, Angela Pennington, Carter Pennington, Will Lawson (not pictured), Scott Nichols (not pictured).  Established Night Watch Haunt in 2014.

New facility built in 1938 and used until 1999.


How it came to be.....

Another thing that sets this group apart is how seamless everything flows and comes together. The “Barn Crew”, the original cast of the Haunted Major Graham Mansion, are the masterminds behind the Night Watch Haunt. After working together for four years, they decided they wanted to do something that was their own and the idea to move to Hillsville was born. The “Barn Crew” members - Scott and Lesley Catron, Carter and Angela Pennington, Scott Nichols, Jock Songer, Will Lawson and Chris DeHart – along with others they met at the mansion have come together from all over the region to put on the haunt. Cast members come from Hillsville, Floyd, Bland and other areas to comprise a cast of around 40 for the full haunt.

Those involved all have day jobs and just do this because it’s a hobby they love. “You’ll never meet a more diverse group of people with one thing in common,” said Scott Catron. “We’re all weird. Couldn’t ask for a better group of people to be weird with.

By Sara Blankenship

Monday, September 21, 2015

Galax Gazette